Monday, September 17, 2007

Tip: BlackBerry - Number Lock & CAPS Lock

By Amy Mayer
February 7, 2008
You BlackBerry’s NUM lock function can come in handy when you need to use your keypad as a number pad. While not super-obvious, it is easier to locate than your smartphone’s CAPS lock.

# To launch num lock:

Hold the # (also the shift) key down, then press ALT.

When you're ready to return to letters:

simply press the ALT key.

# CAPS lock takes a bit more effort launch. If all you want is one capital letter, just press the # key, then the letter you want capitalized. But for CAPS lock, the key combination is :

# and the green phone button.

That's right, you hold down the #, or shift, key and then you press the green button as though you were going to make a phone call.

Exit the phone screen and you'll go back to your message with CAPS lock on. To turn it off:

again press # and the green phone.

Cumbersome? Yes. But maybe just enough to calm your rage so you don’t send that message in all caps after all.

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