Thursday, November 15, 2007

Review: Jazzing Up the BlackBerry Curve with a Case and Stickers

By Melissa Oxendale
December 7, 2007

While I still love my Fortte case (see our review), I wanted to try something a little different for my BlackBerry. I wanted something to make my Curve stand out. So off to eBay I went.

I found stickers to personalize my BlackBerry that you could pick in a large number of designs for around $8. Many were colorful and abstract, while some sported sunsets and scenic views. All the choices made it hard to pick three I wanted.

To compliment my new stickers, I decided to get a hard clear case to go over them. So I ended up ordering the Super Slim Crystal Hard Case from Seidio.

It took about week for everything to arrive.

First, I started with a screen protector, as Seidio's Crystal case does not cover the screen. (All the pictures in this story are of the Curve with the screen protector, case and stickers installed.

Once the screen was covered I moved to the stickers. The hardest part was pulling the front off the paper. It had the buttons cut out, but the sticker material was still there. I was sure putting the sticker over my buttons would be a painful experience. I even started with my least favorite sticker, just in case I ruined it.

Turns out my concerns weren't founded. For the most part, the sticker easily fell into place, although I had a little trouble getting it placed correctly at the top as I seemed to always put it a little too far to the left.

One word of caution: if the sticker goes over the screen protector, it will pull the screen protector up when you tug on it.

The back of the sticker pack had two pieces. On piece went over the back cover, so you are able to take it off to reach the battery, SIM, and memory card. The other went around the door. The back door part had cut outs for the camera, flash, and mirror. I had no trouble at all putting the back door sticker on. With the smaller part that stuck directly to the phone, I again wanted to put it a little too far to the left.

Overall, the stickers applied much easier than I expected. And there weren't any problems with air bubbles underneath it. They're a cheap and easy way personalize your BlackBerry.

Seido Crystal Case
On top of the sticker went my new Seidio Crystal Case.

It came with simple to follow instructions that guide you to getting the case on. I could tell right away it wasn't snapped all the way on because it made the side keys hard to type on. Just a little extra squeeze and it snapped into place.

All of the buttons, headphone jack, and USB jack were easy to get to. With the Crystal Case on the Curve was too large for my Fortte case or the pouch it came with, however. I was able to fit it into a case I used with my 8700 though, even through it was not designed with a trackball in mind. It also fit in the BlackBerry case that came with the AT&T 8820. I would imagine it would fit in most cases that have the elastic on the sides.

Now my BlackBerry will stand out, although I no longer have anywhere to attach my Tardis Phone Charm. Even with stickers and new case, typing was still a breeze.

The Seidio Crystal case is $24.95 at Seidio's Web site. The stickers were around $8.00 for three on eBay.

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