Tuesday, August 19, 2008

JSF HTML Tag Reference

n this section, you will learn more about html tags provided in JSF. JSF HTML tags are used for design the page by using server side code. This tag is used by specifying the uri and prefix attribute of the taglib directive at the top of your JSP file. These are illusrated below as follows:


This is the uri for the JSF html tags. And for the prefix value commonly "h" is used but you can put anything as value of the prefix attribute of the taglib directive. When you declare any html tag as a JSF tag then you should write the tag as follows:


This is the syntax of specifying the html tag as a jsf tag. You can take an example of creation an input box by using jsf html tag as follows:

If the prefix value is "h" then the syntax will be seen like : .

All the html tags have been used in the Rose India JSF Tutorial as you will get one by one ahead. You can skip for next section for getting html tags overview with complete code examples that can be used directly in your web application for creating several html components as the need of your application.

source: roseindia.net

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