Thursday, December 06, 2007

Review: Seidio Holster: The Best Available for the BlackBerry Curve

By Melissa Oxendale
July 31, 2007

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I recently tried out a new holster for the BlackBerry Curve from Seido. And, I have to say, it was simply one of the best I've ever used.

The first thing I noticed was a red sticker that says PDA Face In Design. This can be useful as I know a few people have tried to use various holsters with the face out, which turns out to be hard on a BlackBerry.

On the inside where the face of your Curve would be is a nice soft lining. No need to worry about it scratching up the face or screen.

The clip on the back swivels around so you can clip it on at whatever angle works best for you. I tried it on my belt, in my hip pocket, in my leg cargo pocket, and even clipped it to my purse. It worked great every way I could think of. The clip held fast to everything I attached it to regardless of the tugging and pulling I tried on it.

There is a spring loaded clip at the top to hold in your Curve. It works wonderfully. It does not require too much elbow grease to open it, but holds your Curve in flawlessly. I never once worried that my Curve was going to get loose.

One of the added benefits of this holster is it will fit an extended battery; once they become available for the Curve. So if you pick this Seido holster now, you won't have to worry about a new one down the road.

The Curve does not have to come out of the holster to charge. All the side buttons, including the USB port and headphone jack are available to use while secure in the holster.

The holster for the Curve sells for $29.95 and is available from Seidio's online store.

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